Hydraulic Nut Splitters

As our slogan says, “We Bust Tough Nuts.” What better way then by using a hydraulic nut splitter? Not only does it save you time and labor cost by cutting down the amount of man power, but it will split the largest and toughest nuts in a matter of seconds. There are several different size nut splitter heads. Each head offers a large size range as well by using sized washers to adjust the chisel. When using the correct chisel adjustment for the application the nut splitter will only cut through the nut and not harm any threads. Assembling the tool is quite simple. To start, take the nut splitter out of its case, decide whether or not you need the angled or straight head, apply the amount of washers you need to adjust the chisel and attach the cylinder and pump. Then after applying 10,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure the nut will no longer be causing any issues, nor taking time out of your work day! Within 5 minutes the job is done!