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When you need a fast, easy, and safe method of tightening large diameter bolts to high and precise preloads, hydraulic bolt tensioning is the first thing that comes to mind. Unlike hydraulic torque tightening or impact wrenching, this method does not require forceful tuning or use of torque on the nut or bolt when working against friction. Titan MidAmerica has all the answers to why use tensioning kits.

How a tensioning kit helps

A tensioning kit has several tools, including an annular jack that fits over the nut and bolt you need to tighten. The jack then applies force to the bolted joint while pulling on the bolt’s end. This leads to the development of a tension in the bolt’s shank that is equal to the load generated by the jack, since the force produced by the jack is applied directly to the bolt’s end. As the jack applies tension, rotating the nut without any torque until it is tight is possible and easy.

Advantages of using a tensioning kit

  • Speed. The tools are very fast to install and operate.
  • Accuracy. Since tensioning achieves very high bolt load tolerance accuracy, frictional losses are out of the question and there is no need for lubrication.
  • Simultaneous tensioning. It is possible to hydraulically actuate multiple bolt tensioners at the same time.
  • Safety. Boltight systems are normally engineered with safety that surpasses engineering standards. This eliminates reaction issues and pinch points.
  • Versatility. It is possible to use adaptor kits, for one tensioning kit to cover several bolting sizes.
  • Cost efficiency. With all the above factors considered, it becomes relatively cheaper to accomplish large operations with a tensioning kit.

The Titan Delta tensioning kit

Titan MidAmerica provides a customized tensioner kit that includes 3 different configurations of tensioner for the unique clearance issues in any bolting pattern. It has up to 50% bolt coverage to ensure that a bolting job can be done in as little as 2 hours.

As a reliable family-owned business, we timely deliver precision calibrated bolting tools to any location in the world. Whether you need our highest quality tensioning kits for rent or purchase, contact us today to experience our responsive service.