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The process of pneumatic calibration is the use of pneumatic pressure calibrators to record the accuracy of another pressure measuring device’s measurements. Periodically, all measuring instruments used in critical applications must be calibrated to ensure they stay within the tolerances specified by the manufacturer. Pneumatic calibration is essential to monitor pressure instrument performance and safety in most industries. Since pneumatic systems utilize high pressure, pneumatic calibration is essential for performance evaluation and security purposes.

What are the Pneumatic Media Types?

Typically, air or nitrogen is the pneumatic media used in calibrating applications. Other media, especially inert gases, may be employed, although they are often more costly. Some inert gases, such as helium, may be avoided due to their significant leakage risk. Aside from specialized equipment and tailored calibration settings, flammable gases, such as oxygen, which may induce spontaneous burning of residual oil at high pressures, should be avoided. Rarely are additional gases utilized in a pneumatic calibration context.

Is Any Gas Medium Compatible with Pneumatic Calibrations?

Safety is a vital aspect of any pressure application and calibration process. For example, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, and propane are highly flammable gases that pose a grave threat to the operator and the surrounding environment. Therefore, they aren’t compatible with pneumatic calibrations. In contrast, nitrogen and ambient air are only combustible under severe circumstances. They are consistent with pneumatic calibrations.

Inert gases, such as nitrogen, are often used as media for their safety and affordability. Noble gases are seldom used in pneumatic calibrators, even with their inert qualities, owing to their expensive cost. These gases, such as argon, neon, and helium, need a unique separation procedure to be converted from their natural condition to their pure, compressed form, making the process costly.

Learn More About Pneumatic Calibrators

High-pressure pneumatic systems may pose a safety issue, and therefore, you may need a pneumatic calibrator. If you need more information about pneumatic calibration, visit Titan MidAmerica today or contact us. We also offer high-quality products and provide other services, such as repairing malfunctioning pressure gauges and associated components such as valves, thermometers, and gauges.