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When one of the largest cement plants in United States calls you up to see if you can do a custom shaft coupler repair for a dual vane compressor, you say “Absolutely.”

Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Buzzi Unicem USA equips a 585 horsepower Dual Vane Compressor, which conveys cement powder a quarter mile through twelve-inch pipes. The compressor is coupled to the motor with flange shaft couplers.

The flange couplers are pinned together with wooden dowels to prevent catastrophic failure and protect adjacent equipment. As the compressor becomes unbalanced, the wooden dowels wallow and erode the retaining holes in the steel flanges.

Titan MidAmerica modeled, drilled, and re-sleeved the dowel holes on the damaged flanges.  Sleeves were made from high-tensile tool steel and the resulting repair is more durable than the OEM part.

The flanges that could not be salvaged were replaced by a completely new flange made of the same tool steel.

To-date, the:

  • Titan flange shows at least two times the lifespan over the OEM part, saving labor, downtime, and equipment costs.
  • Unscheduled downtime on the compressor has been reduced by over 50%
  • Delivery time and cost were cut in half with this superior product made right here in the United States.

“When Titan makes a part it is always as good and typically better than the original part.  This includes difficult to find parts…bearing caps, repair sleeves, drive shafts, or flange and shaft coupler repair.”

Jeff Pabst, Maintenance Supervisor at Buzzi Unicem USA

With capabilities including shafts up to ten-foot length by 10-inch diameter, Titan MidAmerica reverse-engineers and manufactures non-patented parts for:

  • mining
  • manufacturing,
  • oil & gas
  • petrochemical
  • power generation
  • pharmaceutical industries

Titan MidAmerica also specializes in sales and rentals of industrial torque tools for all industrial bolting applications, as well as precision calibration and torque tool maintenance.

As a locally owned family business, we are committed to responsive service, highest quality tools for rent or purchase, and timely delivery of precision calibrated bolting tools, anywhere in the world. Give us a call to learn more about what Titan MidAmerica can do for you.