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Bolting tools are equipment used to tighten or loosen bolt connections. Various bolting tools depend on the task you want to complete or the bolts you want to draw or lose. At Titan MidAmerica, we provide various bolting tools for joint assembly, controlled tightening and joint separation. Bolting tools have multiple applications in mining, construction, and other industries. The following are examples.

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches- Are calibrated ones that measure the torque used to tighten or loosen bolts to the required degree.
  • Pneumatic torque wrench-It is a planetary gearbox operated by an air motor with an extremely high reduction ratio, hence it is less noisy.
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioner-It is an annular jack that fits over the to-be-tightened bolt and nut.
  • Hydraulic nut splitters-Attached to a hydraulic pump, in disassembling corroded or frozen nuts to liberate bolts.

Other types include; Slugging wrenches, hydraulic flange spreaders, backup wrenches and mechanical torque wrenches.

Applications of Bolting Tools

There are various applications and uses. They include:

  • Industrial applications-Hydraulic torque wrenches are industrial instruments for professional use. They are utilized in multiple sectors, including transportation, field construction, and oil and gas exploration.
  • Controlled boltingControlled bolting is the application of a precise torque load to a mechanical joint under specifications. Joint integrity and safety need the ability to quantify torque load during or soon after the bolting procedure.
  • Frozen or corroded nuts– They assist in removing frozen or cored nuts that may need more significant equipment and takes a considerable amount of time.
  • Separating Joints-Kinds such as parallel wedge spreaders separate obstinate joints for inspection and maintenance, especially those with ring grooves or external pressures.
  • Controlled tightening in the absence of external power- they are applied when external power sources to drive air or electric driven tools are unavailable.

Get Any Bolting Tool the Easy Way

At Titan MidAmerica, we offer various bolting tools that fit your needs. We supply calibrated precision bolting equipment to any location on time. We offer quick, reliable and customer-friendly services. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing our bolting tools of the finest quality, contact us immediately to take advantage of our attentive service.