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As we work with industrial or domestic machines, we are likely to get their bolts loosened or torque tools malfunctioning. This reduces the efficiency of their output and some could even be dangerous to work with, mostly when you have no access to tensioning kits to solve the issue. Titan Mid America is an industrial automation company that helps you solve such industrial problems. We specialize in rentals, sales and custom fabrication of torque tools to aid in all bolting applications. We also do torque tool maintenance and precision calibration.

Torque and tensioning tools

Titan Mid America tensioning kits cater to complete your bolting work, ensuring joint integrity with a +/- 3% accuracy. The best efficiency a torque can get to. We offer a variety of tightening options to meet your requirements, including air torque guns and hydraulic torque wrench. This ensures that we get the correct tightening or loosening of your connections to the level of your choice. All our bolting tool’s calibration standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for efficiency.

Customized tensioning kit

At Titan Mid America, we offer customized tensioning kits that include three different tensioner configurations. In the rare custom tensioning kits, you might end up getting only 25% or below bolt coverage per pass and cost you over $71,000 to purchase. In our Delta Kit, you get 50% bolt coverage with 28 customized units. This means that your bolting job can be through in 2 hours when using our tensioning kits. We also have gearbox driven tensioners that allow a fit in the bolt pattern’s tightest parts.

We respond to services whenever called upon and are committed to offering high-quality tools to our clients. We understand the urgency of some tasks such as gauge calibration and offer emergency services when they arise. Contact us today for more information on how to buy or rent any of our products.