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How a Custom Shaft Coupler Can Help a Dual Vane Compressor Stay Balanced

The problem with very large compressors is that it takes a lot of torque to move the shafts. This means the dual vane compressor requires a very large motor to drive its shafts. What is a shaft coupler?  A shaft coupler securely connects the end of the main drive shaft to a gear, coupling, or component on the end of another horizontal or vertical drive shaft. If these couplers fail, they can cause catastrophic damage to equipment and facilities. Therefore, custom couplers sometimes need to be designed to make high-powered compressors safer and more reliable.

Balancing Shafts with Couplers to Extend the Life of Compressors

What is the point of shaft coupler for high-powered compressors? Most machinery benefits from couplers in order to protect its long-term performance and ultimately reach much higher life expectancy. On the other hand, shaft couplers for high-powered compressors are vital because they provide a better solution that ensures that equipment that contains these high-powered compressors are operating efficiently and safely. They balance the shaft, which can succumb to failures when it is in operation at high RPMs.

Traditionally, shaft couplers are used to fix this phenomenon, limiting vibration by balancing sound pressure levels created in the crankcase. This is accomplished by limiting high-frequency vibrations through various methods, including an air cushion, rubber isolators, balancing bolts, and more. However, these solutions can be costly, hard to install, and provide poor durability compared to rigid couplers. This is where the latest measuring technology comes into play to measure critical processes that will be integrated into state-of-the-art process machines for accuracy never before seen in the industry.

Coupler Installation and How it Balances the Shaft of a Compressor

Couplers connect two rotating shafts to help balance the shafts and, as a result, greatly increase the life of compressors. Without couplers, most large dual vane compressors would be out of tolerance and wearing out after just a few years. By installing couplers, you can extend the life of your compressor by many years or even decades!

Installing a coupling on both ends of the shaft extends the length of the shaft, creating more distance between the center of each shaft pulley. This distance helps absorb vibration and torque imbalances which can cause premature wear or failure in ball bearings. The additional vibration caused by the imbalance is transferred throughout the entire unit.

Ordering Information for Custom Shaft Couplers

Nowadays, when you are in need to overhaul or rebuild an old machine, compressor, or industrial machinery, the best option is to order the custom parts with couplers from Titan Mid America. The custom extension shaft couplers can be ordered in any material, dimension, and finish for compressors, generators, gearboxes, and pumps. Titan Mid America makes the couplers with machining capabilities that can perform any specific request that is needed.

A shaft coupler will improve your compressor’s efficiency, safety and reduce maintenance costs by balancing it out. Contact Titan Mid America to order custom shaft couplers and other custom parts you need for the specific equipment needs of your operations.