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According to NHTSA, approximately 10,000 people are seriously injured while using a jack or a similar hoist. Moreover, sudden falls may occur during lifting and jacking, thereby  resulting in significant damage to your load— for instance, wheel accessories.

To that end, it’s advisable to practice basic safety precautions to avoid injuries when using a hydraulic jack, either in your home garage or in industrial applications.

Here’s a breakdown of the tips.

The Do’s and Don’t of Lifting and Jacking


  • Ensure the jack is adequately aligned as per the manufacturer’s instructions, so that the load sits at the right plane.
  • Always make sure the jack is the right match for the target load.
  • To enhance safety, ensure the jack base sits on a flat surface.
  • Inspect the jacks before and after storage for any need for greasing and alignment problems. Then, remember to keep them clean and free from corrosion.
  • Grease the jack regularly and change the hydraulic models oil at least once every three years. That’s because constant use degrades grease or oil and that increases the risk of accidents.
  • Lift the load only at a necessary height as per instructions.
  • Stop using the jack anytime the load shifts.


  • Never leave the load solely supported by a jack. Instead, reinforce with trestles, packing, or a strong wood block.
  • Never work under a load supported by a jack. Also, keep your toes, fingers, and body away from the jack. Despite a load being lighter than the jack’s capacity, there’s always a looming risk of failure that can cause serious injuries.
  • It’s ill-advised to extend the jack beyond the manufacturer’s recommended height.
  • Avoid using dysfunctional jacks; instead, discard any damaged unit.

Let Us Help You Acquire the Perfect Lifting and Jacking Tool

Safety is a crucial aspect in industrial or home operations of lifting and jacking. Moreover, quality jacks keep you safe from injuries and accidents. That said, it’s prudent to source jacks from trusted vendors like Titan Mid America. Contact us to learn more.