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Torque tools play a vital role in general mechanics, tire changing operations, and industrial maintenance and repair industries. They are essential in applying and controlling torque to fasteners such as screws and nuts. This ensures the safety of customers after having a tire replacement or during industrial maintenance. All mechanical equipment is susceptible to wear and tear. Regularly scheduled maintenance is crucial to ensuring they maintain their new functionality. The following Torque Tool Repairs tips will come in handy when carrying out regular checks for sustained performance.

Torque Tool Maintenance Guide

Being a high-precision tool with moving parts, having a guide to walk you through the maintenance routine is important in knowing what to look for.


Due to wear and tear, torque tools tend to lose their calibration and precision by extension. Calibrating is preferably done at least once a year or after every 5000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Proper calibration ensures leads to accurate torque measurement and faster bolt-tightening.

Check the Lubrication

For optimal functioning, moving mechanical parts have to be well lubricated. Twisting the knuckle handle in both clockwise and anticlockwise motions helps to establish whether the mechanism needs more lubrication.

Inspecting for Cracks

Poor storage and handling may result in unnoticeable cracks appearing when they take a hard fall. Any physical damage is likely to impact the tool’s performance.

While minimal damage can be repaired, extensive damage may require professional assistance or full replacement.

Disassembly and Reassembling

Though high discouraged, tearing down and reassembling during maintenance may be beneficial in tightening up the moving internal parts. This process may also fix any lingering calibration errors.

Only individuals with extensive knowledge should attempt this delicate procedure, lest you completely break the tool.

Following the above tips might result in added longevity of your equipment. However, professional expertise is required to guarantee repairs that may last a lifetime.

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