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There are different ways to tighten bolts on a valve, exchangers, reactors, and large pressure vessels. Each method uses a specific set of tools designed to reduce effort and safely secure the nut in place. We will explain how hydraulic bolt tensioners can be used.

One set of such tools uses hydraulic pressure to apply very high tensioning forces. Instead of turning the bolt (applying torque), hydraulic bolt tensioners lift the bolt. The process is simple and involves a hydraulic load cell that screws onto the bolt to the tensioning nut level. Next, a hydraulic piston extends outwards, stretching the bolt and raising the tensioning nut off the surface. An operator can then manually fasten the nut back onto the surface with less effort.

The hydraulic pressure is then released, the piston releases, and the bolt springs back, transferring the tensile forces to the tensioning nut. This process is more accurate and requires less effort than manually torquing the bolt. Again, torquing also impacts frictional loads on the threads and the outside of the nut.

With moving parts, industrial and domestic machines will occasionally require bolt replacement or tightening. Ineffective torque tools can reduce productivity or pose job safety issues. Such problems can be effectively and safely solved using hydraulic bolt tensioners like those provided by Titan Mid America.

Titan Mid America rents and sells a robust fleet of hydraulic bolt tensioners ranging from 11/4″ to 4″ of the following brands.

  • SPX Power team
  • Tentec
  • Ravin

Spring Return Bolt Tensioner Features

  1. Automatic spring return piston retraction without physical force from an operator.
  2. Automatic venting to prevent over-extension extending the unit’s life
  3. The total force ranges from 450 to 3200 kN
  4. Maximum stroke indicator
  5. The cover bolts range from 11/4″ to 4.”

We serve the following key industries, among others:

  • Oil & Gas Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Nuclear Power Generation
  • Steel & Aluminum Production
  • Mining

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner Services in the Midwest

Titan Mid America responds to customer requests professionally, offering high-quality tools to serve your needs. We maintain a robust fleet of state-of-the-art hydraulic bolt tensioners for rent and sale. Contact us today for more information.

Hydraulic Bolt TensionersHydraulic Bolt TensionersHydraulic Bolt TensionersHydraulic Bolt Tensioners