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There are multiple reasons why you should calibrate a torque wrench at least once a year. It is easy for a torque wrench to fall accidentally, and through this, the chances of its calibration getting distorted are very high.

As a tool for accurate work, a slight deviation in its measurements can hugely affect coupling parts, including nuts and studs. If you fail to calibrate a torque wrench correctly, it can exert a lot of pressure and break the pairing objects. In this article, you will learn how to easily calibrate your torque wrench.

How to Calibrate a Torque Wrench on Your Own

One of the main ways to calibrate a torque wrench is using weights. Below are the steps to follow.

Calibrating a torque wrench using weights

While using weights, you will be required to have a few other items, including a weighing machine, weights ( in this article, we will use an imaginary weight of 40 pounds), measuring tape, a thin rope, and a bench vice. After gathering these items:

  1. Measure from the place where your hand rests to the square drive
  2. Secure the square drive by placing it on the vice and tightening it but do not overtighten
  3. Multiply the length you had measured in step one by 40 pounds and divide by 12 to get the measurement in centimeters
  4. Set the value of the wrench as the total weight (40 pounds) multiplied by the number of feet you found in step 3. In this case it will be 40 lb * 1.25 ft = 50ft-lb of torque
  5. Tie the weight at the handing resting position you measured in step 1
  6. Adjust the weight to the wrench head if you hear a click sound and repeat this until the sound ceases. If you do not hear a click sound, adjust the weight down the handle until you hear one.
  7. Mark the point (transitional point) in which the clicking sounds start to where it stops, or the vice verse
  8. Measure the length of the transitional point to the square drive and multiply the result by 40 pounds to determine the amount of torque applied. This will give you the accurate setting for your torque wrench.
  9. Lock the nut in the allenkey to finish the calibration

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