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The introduction of battery technology to the industrial bolting industry is one of the most fundamental chapters of the history of torque wrenches. The battery torque wrench technology has created a crucial shift in torque tool application that continues to have a remarkable impact even today. The new battery torque wrench is characterized by increased run time and enhanced battery life. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a battery torque wrench for your bolting solutions:

1.    Cordless

One of its crucial features is that it lacks a cord to the power source as it has a battery for power. This makes it ideal for usage in tight and narrow spaces, for instance, in pipeline plants. According to Occupational Health and Safety Administration, falls, slips, and trips account for more than one-third of injuries reported on job sites. One common culprit that triggers such falls is cords from torque tools. Therefore, battery torque wrenches free the workplace from slips and falls from torque tool cords.

2.    Operational Ease

Battery Torque Wrenches are easier to operate due to their lightweight nature and simple features. The tool’s simplicity makes it ideal for all bolting solutions, whether at home or work. The tool’s ease of use also reduces work-related fatigue that might arise from using the torque tool.

3.    Enhanced Safety

The battery torque wrench has enhanced safety due to features like the economic pistol grip, which helps reduce strain on operators and prevent injuries. Its lack of cords helps prevent slips and falls often witnessed on the job sites.

4.    Less Equipment

Unlike the corded Torque tools, the battery torque wrench has less equipment for setup.  You only need cartridges or batteries to power this particular torque wrench, meaning the workplace will not be packed with cords to a power source, and the work will be done equally fast.

5.    Faster Bolting

Battery Torque Wrenches are characterized by dual speed mode, making bolting incredibly easier and faster. Its torque mode allows you to tighten the bolts or nuts accurately as per the torque value, while its run-down mode offers speed in tightening the bolt.

Final Thoughts

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