In Pumps

Manufacturers expect the hydraulic pump to last. A well-maintained pump can service you for over six years without breaking down, but the device will still malfunction even with good maintenance. Just like with other machinery, pumps give off early signs indicating it’s time for fixing. Titan Mid America provides repair and maintenance services for broken pumps. Also, there are reasons why you should rent instead of buy.

Here are some of the common signs that your pump may need fixing.

Uncommon Noises

You may hear unusual sounds when hydraulic fluid is contaminated by air entering through the inlet and circulating in the system, causing abnormal noises when the pump compresses or decompresses.

Leaking Issues

Liquids should not flow out of your system. Internal tubes distribute oil and any other fluid in the machine. The leaking oil may signify a broken line or a loose seal. No matter what “engineers” suggest, get your pump fixed when leaks are detected.

Slow Performance

If your pump takes longer to perform routine tasks, it’s a sign that it needs repair. There are many probable reasons why it could be acting up. Internal fluids may have become thin, requiring changing, or there could be underlying mechanical issues.

Heat Problems

A hydraulic pump runs at a higher temperature when it needs repair. Pumps use the reservoir fluid to dissipate heat through a heat exchange. Excess internal heat makes the reservoir fluid thin, hindering lubrication, causing leaks, and reducing energy efficiency & overall performance.

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