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Most production systems heavily rely on a hydraulic pump for optimal function. While a well-maintained hydraulic pump can operate smoothly for over six years, occasional pump malfunctions can still occur despite diligent care. Proactive maintenance involves identifying potential issues early on and addressing them promptly. Similar to other machinery, hydraulic pumps exhibit early signs that signal the need for repair. Titan Mid America offers repair and maintenance services for malfunctioning hydraulic pumps. Additionally, there are compelling reasons to consider renting rather than purchasing if you don’t already own a hydraulic pump.

Here are common indicators that your hydraulic pump may require attention:

Internal Leaks:

Liquids should remain contained within the system. Internal tubes distribute oil and other fluids, and any leaking suggests a broken line or loose seal. Prompt action is crucial upon detecting leaks.

Heating Issues:

Elevated fluid temperatures indicate potential heat dissipation problems within the system. Hydraulic pumps use reservoir fluid for heat exchange, and excessive heat can thin the fluid, leading to lubrication issues, leaks, reduced energy efficiency, and overall performance decline.

Slow Performance:

Prolonged task completion times signal a need for hydraulic pump maintenance. Possible causes include thinning internal fluids requiring a change or underlying mechanical issues that need addressing.

Abnormal Noises:

Contaminated hydraulic fluid, introduced through the inlet, can circulate in the system and result in abnormal noises during hydraulic pump compression or hydraulic pump decompression.

For more information on hydraulic pump repair, maintenance, or hydraulic pump rentals, visit the Titan Mid America page or contact us directly.