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When there’s a need for a rapid, straightforward, and secure approach to tightening large diameter bolts to precise preloads, hydraulic bolt tensioning stands out as the preferred method. Unlike hydraulic torque tightening or impact wrenching, this technique eliminates the need for forceful tuning or torque application on the nut or bolt when facing friction. Titan MidAmerica provides comprehensive insights into the benefits of using tensioning kits.

How a tensioning kit operates:

A tensioning kit comprises various tools, including an annular jack that fits over the targeted nut and bolt for tightening. The jack exerts force on the bolted joint while pulling on the bolt’s end, generating tension in the bolt’s shank equivalent to the jack’s applied load. This allows easy rotation of the nut without torque until it reaches the desired tightness.

Advantages of utilizing a tensioning kit:

  • Speed: The tools are swift to install and operate.
  • Accuracy: Tensioning achieves high bolt load tolerance accuracy, eliminating frictional losses and the need for lubrication.
  • Simultaneous tensioning: Multiple bolt tensioners can be hydraulically actuated simultaneously.
  • Safety: Boltight systems are engineered with superior safety standards, eliminating reaction issues and pinch points.
  • Versatility: Adaptor kits allow for a single tensioning kit to cover various bolting sizes.
  • Cost efficiency: Considering the aforementioned factors, using a tensioning kit becomes a cost-effective solution for large operations.

About the Titan Delta tensioning kit:

Titan MidAmerica offers a customized tensioner kit with three different configurations to address unique clearance issues in any bolting pattern. With up to 50% bolt coverage, this kit ensures efficient bolting completion in as little as two hours.

As a dependable family-owned business, we deliver precision calibrated bolting tools worldwide. Whether you require our top-quality tensioning kits for rent or purchase, contact us today to experience our responsive service.