Titan MidAmerica Tools

Delta Valve Tensioning Kit

Rental kit is designed for 1-3/4" bolts, and may require longer studs. Other size kits are available.

The Challenge:

Delta Valves pose a unique bolting challenge as planners move from torque to bolt tensioning.

Raised ribs and nozzles can cause horizontal and vertical clearance issues during a turnaround on delayed cokers.

Larger delayed coker valves may have up to 56 bolts in the pattern.

Rare custom tensioners kits for this application can be purchased for over $71,000, and provide only 25% bolt coverage per pass.

The Titan Delta Tensioners Solution:

The Customized tensioner kit includes 3 different configurations of tensioner for the unique clearance issues in the bolting pattern.

Provide 50% bolt coverage with a total of 28 customized units. Proper coverage means the bolting job can be done within 2 hours.

High flow dual port tensioner pumps allow actuation and reset of the tensioners at twice the speed.

Gearbox driven tensioners allow a fit in the very tightest part of the bolt pattern.

Purchase or rent:

The Delta Kit is available to rent or purchase at an economical price, backed by a trusted name in bolt tensioning.


Tentec Bolt Tensioners

  • Very accurate and repeatable bolt load
  • Even gasket draw-down
  • Eliminates galling due to torque 
  • Multiple bolt coverage means faster completion 
  • Hands-off operation and no pinch-points =greater safety


Spring Return Tensioners

SPX Return design Dramatically increases productivity and safety on the job site when compared to older technology manual return tensioners.

  • Piston overstroke prevention 
  • Piston stroke indication 
  • Compatible with MRT Tensioner range
  • Bolt coverage from 3/4" to 4"